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Turn your social media into an active community of followers.

«Social media management might seem simple on the face of it. Nevertheless, it covers countless activities that go beyond just posting content and hoping that the results are positive.»

If used well, social media can mean better brand recognition, higher website traffic and a better relationship with your customers and clients. All this adds up to real results and the digital consolidation of your company.

Ensuring positive metrics through social media requires good management of these channels, from the definition of positioning to content planning and analysis of results. It is also necessary to integrate social platforms into your global marketing strategy in order that they might strengthen your overall aims.

Social media strategies At Sappiencia we create customized social media strategies, implementing a work process that focuses on obtaining positive results that really make a difference in terms of the customer and the competition.

Briefing The first step is to carry out a study of your aims and target publics before developing your strategy. We will perform a competitive analysis of your brand, developing a buyer persona to investigate your ideal customer or client and draw up an effective content strategy, specific to your niche and which supports the generation of leads and website traffic.

Development of brand language and layout If companies are not the same, why should their social media profiles be?
We help our clients to create a style guide and a line of visual communication that instantly transmits your brand’s values, its creative capacity and, above all, the key message that you want to pass on.

Creation and configuration of websites and profiles Setting up social media channels is essential to positioning your brands online, providing information to customers who want to know more about your business and organize content, based on your needs.

Annual editorial calendar Don’t miss out on business opportunities through a lack of planning! Sappiencia provides you with a comprehensive editorial calendar that enables you to prepare special social media actions that focus on key dates, sector events, corporate announcements product and service launches.

Graphic content and material production As soon as you agree to the strategy, we will begin to implement it, developing unique social media content for your brand. In order to guarantee quality, we will draw up a monthly content schedule. You will be able to review it and give it the green light before it is published.

Publication and customer service programming Our social media marketing services include complete management of publication and profiles, including the monitoring of all user-generated actions (reviews, comments, private messages) and a guarantee that there will be an instant response. All of this ensures that any potential contact or action stemming from published content isn’t lost and becomes a part of your overall strategy.

Optimization Through our monthly reports, you will be able to assess your general progress on social media in order to optimize your work at all times based on your objectives, adjusting to the route toward sustainable growth, both on social media and beyond it.

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