Customer Profiling

PPut a face to your clients and customers

«The creation of customer profiles is a way of putting a face to them in order to help you take decisions regarding your product or service and with the communication skills you need to reach them.»

In a traditional marketing segmentation, Clara, an active 71-year-old grandmother, Paul, a Pilates instructor and Ricardo and Sophie, a multicultural couple with two children appear to have little in common. They would be grouped into very differentiated segments – retirees, single men under 27 and couples with children.

However, if we look a little deeper, we see that they share a wide range of interests which are what really determine how they behave as consumers. They are all vegetarians, they love organic produce and they do yoga.

Meanwhile 55-year-old Mario, who is married and whose favorite game is chess and 37-year-old Lydia, single and a movie buff, love eating meat, especially burgers. Both are fervent supporters of buying local produce.

As you can see in this example, your customers and clients may choose your products for very different reasons.

Going further and getting to know the different consumer profiles that reach beyond traditional demographic segmentations will allow you to design much more effective data-based hyper-segmented communication strategies (data driven creatives).

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