Digital Analytics

Get to know the customers that visit you

«You have experience in your sector, you know what your customers are looking for and how best to offer it to them. However, could you say the same of the people who visit your website?»

Just as you know the customer who comes into your store, the client who visits your office, you also need to know who is looking at your website. What are they look for from you? What information do they need? When do they visit your website and why do they abandon their shopping cart at the last minute? Thanks to digital analysis, Sappiencia can help you to ensure that the answer to the original question is always ‘Yes’.

Digital analysis also offers a further advantage. In physical commerce, if a customer leaves without at least asking you a question, you may never know the reason. However, if they leave your website, their movements are registered. This information is of great use when determining what they like about your business and how you can improve it.

At Sappiencia we know the potential offered by exploiting data in order to improve your results and successfully apply this to our clients. Implementing good digital analysis will increase your awareness of many aspects, including the following:

How customers come to your website
The profile of these users
What actions they carry out
How they make their eCommerce purchases
Where your customers are
What they are looking for
What device they are using
The age and gender of your customers
Their activities in real time

At Sappiencia we are fully aware that the customer is at the heart of your business. For this reason we help you to know it as well you know the back of your hand.

We can help you with:
Analytics training.
Personalization of reports.
Definition of events and notices.
Tag Manager.
Improvement recommendations.