Lead Generation

Your clients and customers look for you online

«The first step when looking for product, services and suppliers is to go online.»

To meet this demand you need to run lead capture campaigns. However, success means more than posting an ad and bidding for a series of keywords. It will only come where there is a conversion funnel that is effective across all stages.

Aimed at: Garages, car dealers, law firms, clinics, home repair services, architects, refurbishment companies, residential maintenance and gardening companies, vets and boarding kennels, companies wishing to export their products etc.

You have run lead capture campaigns but...
The conversion rate is still very low?
Lead quality is not too good?
The CPA is very high?
There isn’t enough volume?
It’s hard to measure results?
What allocation system do I use?
The campaign was going well at first but it stopped working?
You need to improve your management?
This is the first time you have run a lead capture campaign
Do you know the existing level of demand?
Are your services of a seasonal nature?
Have you calculated the CPA?
Do you know who your real competitors are?
If you are offering services in a number of countries, are you aware of local laws?
Are there any restrictions on advertising?
We can help you with:
Reducing the cost per lead
Landing pages and A/B testing
Lead management
Email marketing
Demand forecasting