Marketing Automation

Automatically increase your sales

«Marketing automation ensures that technology works for you, taking your marketing efforts to the next level.»

By optimizing resources and processes, it allows you to turn your target public into customers and clients with greater ease, personalizing your approach to ensure that this relationship is reflected in faster, more sustainable growth.

When there is no automation… On a daily basis, marketing, sales, IT and customer service teams carry out an endless amount of unconnected, repetitive tasks which could be eliminated or made more effective if automation was introduced.

Why invest in marketing automation? To give just a few examples, as well as increasing productivity, marketing automation shortens the distance to the following digital sales and marketing:
Greater email opening rate
Reduce shopping cart abandonment
Improve overall profitability
Improve SEO positioning
Automate loyalty programs
Run special offers based on consumer behavior
What can businesses achieve through marketing automation? Because of the time you save and the resources it offers, not to mention the greater result refinement, marketing automation makes all the difference on projects such as:
Attracting customers
Lead Nurturing
Lead Scoring
Campaign personalization
Multichannel customer monitoring
Email and mobile marketing
Social media management
Analysis and monitoring of metrics
Definition of purchase funnels
Optimization of customer journeys
We can help you with:
As a digital strategy agency with over six years’ experience helping companies in a wide range of sectors, Sappiencia can help you draw up and implement an automation strategy that meets your current business objectives.

We review processes, campaigns and databases in order to automate management and pinpoint specific approaches for each potential customer profile. We find tailor-made marketing automation solutions for your business.