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This website will be the only platform capable of recovering and reading the content of this cookie.
Among other things, cookies can remember browsing preferences, making use of the website more effective. When used well, cookies make the interaction between the user and the website faster and easier.

What cookies do we use? This website uses both its own and third-party cookies.
These cookies compile statistics regarding use of the website and the different browsing behavior of visitors.
This allows us to improve content and the browsing experience.
The following sets out the cookies that we use on this site. As a user, you need to ensure that you consent to them before you continue browsing.
You can also set up your browser so that it does not accept cookies, although this might affect the proper functioning of the application.

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How can I uninstall, block or delete cookies? At any point you can delete the cookies installed on your browser. Here’s how:

Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom configuration
For further information, check Mozilla support or Browser help.

Setup -> Show Advanced Options -> Privacy -> Content configuration
For further information, check Google support or Browser help.

Preferences -> Security
For further information, check Apple support or Browser help.

Internet Explorer:
Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Configuration
For further information, check Microsoft support or Browser help.